Healthy Carbs, also called carbs with a low glycemic index because the process of changing into glucose more slowly. Excess healthy carb provide energy longer and do not cause sudden increases in blood sugar, contain fiber, vitamins, minerals higher. Healthy carbs is a source of good food for the body, both are in the process of dieting or not.

Healthy Carbs sources:
Brown rice, wheat, cassava, vegetables, whole grains, and some fruits are acidic or not too mature, such as papaya, banana, strawberries, pineapple, oranges, apples, etc..

Food that we eat although not sweet can increase sugar levels in the body, such as carbohydrates. For that more, be carefully in choosing foods that contain carbs because also have an effect on your blood sugar.

Here are tips on choosing healthy carbs:

1. Choose carbohydrates that are made from wheat flour. Can whole wheat bread or oatmeal because it contains a lot of fiber and can lower cholesterol in the blood. For rice, choose brown rice, because it has more fiber.

2. Reduce consumption of potatoes and replace it with a low-carbs vegetables such as carrots or spinach. you do not need to remove the potatoes from the menu, but limit your consumption. Although high carbohydrate content, potato contains healthy carbs.

3. Increase consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Vegetables and fresh fruit taste more delicious and sweeter. Natural sweetness is more secure than the sweet taste of rice, pasta, noodles and other carbohydrate foods. By eating fresh vegetables and fruits, fiber needs, vitamins and minerals can be met in full.

4. In order you quickly feel full longer, always add nuts in the diet. By eating carbs we are going to feel full longer. Order for us not eat too much carbs, Expand nuts in your diet. the protein content in the beans will also make full longer and certainly healthier than satisfied with carbohydrates.


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