Food is very determine in growth and in the form of baby immune system. Babies grow faster than adults, and in any growth requires adequate nutrition. Rapid growth requires extra nutrition and good food. Food should be healthy, fresh and rich in nutrients that can form the baby's body to be perfect.

One should keep in mind that what is good for adults is not always good for the baby. Although the baby's body is similar to the adult body, but the physical systems they have not completely formed, so they need extra nutrients to meet the needs of growing cells and the immune system of infants.

The principle of choosing good food for babies:

1. In the first years, the baby's body digestive system yet strong. So the stomach can not digest the food, so it depends on the mother's milk. Mother's milk is baby food which is full of nutrients and rich in substance the baby's immune builder.

2. Baby teeth will grow after 9 months of being born, until the time the baby depends on the mother's milk, and in some cases require a food supplement that has been formulated carefully.

3. Milk contains a very complete nutrition to the baby until the baby can bite. Various vitamins, minerals, protein, and fat carbonhidrat greatly needed by the baby. It can we get from vegetables, eggs, and some animal foods. We must be careful in choosing which foods are good for our babies.

4. In some cases where the mother's milk there is little or even none at all. Baby food will change drastically. There are a lot of baby food available in the market as a substitute for the lack of milk. foods are usually rich in vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients, but to get started we should consult a neonatologist or physician first. infant feeding depends on the age and weight of the baby, can also be combined with water and milk. The baby's body can not digest all the food we provide. So that, not all food may give to our babies, we must meet for our babies the food that contain nutrients that can support the growth and immunity.

5. In the second year, most babies need full cream milk and cheese to absorb important vitamins and minerals. In some babies, cow's milk can cause allergies, we can replace it with goat's milk. Other foods that can cause allergies in infants is egg whites, peanuts, soybeans, fish, pears, these foods can cause allergies in the baby's body.

6. The baby's body began to absorbing calcium that can support the growth of bones and teeth, thus giving calcium supplementation should not be forgotten, vitamin C and B complex helps the formation of the baby's immune system.

7. When babies grow into toddlers, we can give nutrient-rich foods like chicken soup and green vegetable juices regularly to the baby. Do not forget the milk and other dairy products to meet calcium needs. Iron and folic acid to prevent anemia, a dangerous situation in which the baby's red blood deficiency drastically.

8. Infants in the early growth requires extra calories, so foods rich in calories and carbohydrates are in need. Do not let your baby eat junk food and carbonated water and other cold drinks. Food and drinks can damage the baby's digestive system and does not provide any nutrition for infants. Coffee, tea, and alcohol are strictly forbidden for the baby. Snacks and sugary foods should also be limited though not eliminated altogether, because refined sugar is needed to produce energy for the body. We must use Zodium salt to prevent thyroid disease.

9. When the baby has enough teeth, we can give rice, wheat and cereals. Nuts contain many nutrients needed by the baby.

10. Expand the food was boiled than fried.

11. Potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, and spinach greatly needed by the baby, we can boil it and destroy it before we give to our babies.


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