France recognized having healthy habits that make citizens can enjoy life. The French are famous for its a slim body, skin face that fresh and smooth and easy to enjoy life. What is the secret of healthy French? Here are 7 tips on healthy habits French people:

1. Reduce the size of your portions

Compared to the Americans, the French have a size smaller portions. Style dining, the French like Japanese people eat in small portions. Many people unconsciously overeat especially when the food is eaten so tasty on the tongue. If food intake is excessive then the risk of cholesterol too much.

2. Lots of walking

The French rarely use the car if it is not too important. The French prefer to walk away when buying food or towards the station when leaving for work or ride a bike whenever possible. Facts have shown walking at a moderate pace is an aerobic exercise that one can prevent cardiovascular disease (heart disease and stroke).

3. Limiting your intake of trans fats (bad fats)

Trans fats found in many processed foods that are unhealthy foods. Trans fats can also make the stomach look bloated. That is why the French look slim as limiting intake of trans fats. Trans fats are found in many junk food and snacks.

4. Avoiding processed foods

Processed foods become alternative many people in the world because it is easy and quick to cook. Unfortunately, these processed foods contain high salt, high sugar and trans fats are made ​​palatable. Although processed foods are now so many choices in the world, the French still choose fresh foods like vegetables and fruits and cooked herself.

5. Eat on time and rarely snacking

The French sure that they will be eating regularly or on time because they believe it will make the body digest food properly. Rarely French people who eat at night even though the habit is fun but in the long run could have a negative impact on your health. The French rarely eat-meals snacks and pick fruit for a snack.

6. Always finding ways to reduce stress

It's no secret that the French are known as people who can enjoy life. Good friends, family and the food is the focus of the French so that when the stress they are not alone. Spending time cooking healthy food is one that done to reduce stress.

7. Food as a forum for socializing

Unlike Americans who eat quickly, the French vice versa. The food is absolutely enjoyed with slow pace that is sometimes used as the arena while socializing. Eating slowly can make people eat not too much because the brain needs some time to make sure your body is full.


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