Prevent premature aging with natural ingredients is highly recommended by experts. Because natural ingredients tend to be healthier and have no harmful side effects when used for long periods of time. Before we know how exactly how to appropriately prevent the signs of aging, it helps us to first identify the cause of things going on. Signs of aging such as wrinkles primarily driven by factors such as age, sun exposure, smoking, genetic, diet such as the consumption of foods high in carbohydrates and unsaturated fats. All of these factors contribute to erode collagen and elastin. the fibers that keep the skin to remain smooth, elastic and smooth. 

When analyzing the skin of 453 women from Autralia, Greece, and Sweden, the dermatologist found that healthy eating was not able to overcome a person's skin damage caused by smoking or unprotected skin from the sun.

Here are tips on how to prevent premature aging in a healthy and naturally:

1. Regular exercise

By doing regular exercise one hour every day, we can get maximum results, especially for the skin. Because the pores of the skin will sweat which clears naturally. Another benefit is that it can improve blood circulation and also improve skin metabolism and blood.

2. Drinking water

The body needs at least 8 glasses of water every day. If we do not drink enough water, it will cause the skin effect looks scaly, dry, dull, and loses its elasticity.

3. Healthy and balanced diet

The food we eat also determines the health of the skin such as the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables are loaded with fiber and vitamins. They help expedite the process of metabolism and digestion and nourishes the skin. The impact is so broad as to cause effects on the liver which is also the blood to the skin edges.

4. Stops smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages

Both can be very dangerous considering the effects. Not only bad for the skin but for the health of the lungs, heart and brain nerve performance.
Just wear cosmetics with natural ingredients
Natural Cosmetics is actually a way to prevent premature aging that well anyway, because we avoid the skin from harmful ingredients in cosmetics artificial chemicals that are harmful to the skin.

5. Adequate rest

Adequate rest helps loosen stiff muscles during activity and relaunch our body's blood circulation. Someone who often stayed up late or lack of sleep usually have a pale countenance.

6.Use Sunscreen

Exposure to excessive sunlight and directly to the porters bia accelerate the skin aging process, both on the face and around the body. For the good of your skin, start the habit of applying sunscreen every day before traveling. The use of sunscreen can help prevent harmful light before it penetrates the skin. Many sunscreen products offer. There is a cream, lotion, spray or lip balm. There is also an SPF ranging from SPF 15 hinga SPF 100. Choose what best suits your needs.


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