We must be wise in choosing a healthy snack. Bad habit of choosing snacks that can cause the risk of obesity, cardiovascular health problems and glucose intolerance. Without realizing it, many of us are snacking to increase intake of calories per day. according to a survey, 25% - 50% of our caloric intake actually obtained from snacking activity.

If you want to snack, choose nutritious snacks than contain calories but no nutrition. When you want to snack, start with a glass of water. Choose snacks like vegetables, fruits, fish, boiled eggs, vegetable protein foods such as tofu, tempeh, etc.. Snacking should not feel satisfied, just to put food into the stomach. Finish with a glass of water again. If you consume adequate water, adequate fiber, protein adequacy, feeling hungry between meals (main) can be avoided, because it all makes you feel full longer.

Here are 4 best healthy snack:

1. Crackers, granola bars

Make wheat cracker as your healthy snack. Granola bars are made ​​from a mixture of nuts, wheat, and honey can also be an option, because these foods are high in fiber, low in sugar, as well as offering valuable protein.

2. Hummus and vegetable

This is a quick idea as well as delicious. All you need is some hummus and a cup of chopped vegetables, then dipped into it, such as carrots, broccoli florets cucumber, celery, and tomatoes. For hummus, use all you want, such as green beans and a little lemon juice. If you must use oil, try olive oil.

3. Oatmeal

Unlike most people's perception, oatmeal can be consumed not only at the breakfast. As a source of fiber, oatmeal can make you feel full for a longer time. In addition, the oatmeal can reduce cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. Oatmeal contains a high content of vitamins and minerals and you simply add some honey or raisins to make it taste not bland.

4. Fruit

Cut apples or bananas at any time during the work day is the best choice for making snacks. Fruits such as oranges and red wine also can be your healthy menu choices. Most of the fruit contains 80 percent of water will keep you hydrated. Fruits are also relatively safe to be consumed in large quantities due to cholesterol free and has high anti-oxidant value.


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