A simple exercise that can be done to significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and other chronic diseases. There are at least four types of exercise that makes the healthy heart. What is it?

People who are less active in sports have a risk two to three times more likely to have a heart attack? A heart attack occurs because blood flow to the muscles of the heart is interrupted. Due to a less active lifestyle move and habit of eating foods rich in fat and saturated fat making cholesterol accumulates in the walls of arteries, or called plaque. Plaque that builds up over many years could then be inhibited and even stop blood flow to the heart muscle. The result is a heart attack.

Cardiovascular exercise is a form of activity that increases breathing and heart rate. This sport is basically challenging the heart to work harder and become stronger. Cardiovascular exercise will improve the way the body uses oxygen. It will make your heart stronger and more efficient in pumping blood to the body.

Here are the four best cardiovascular exercise for healthy heart:

1. Brisk Walking
The human body was born to run. Brisk walking is a natural way to improve the fitness of the body, especially the heart. In addition, brisk work better for people with obese or overweight. This is because the road can quickly help reduce fat in the muscles near the joint area.

2. Running
Even more challenging than walking, running is a heart-healthy physical activity that is easy to do. In addition, the run is also one of the best ways to burn calories fatherly. That way, when you're trying to lose weight, there are other bonuses heart health.

3. Swimming
Swimming or other water sports will not only increase your heart rate and improve cardiovascular health, water provides a multi-directional resistance increases muscle strength and sound.

4. Cycling
Another easy cardiovascular activity is cycling. With cycling, you can walk around the house or garden complex while improving heart health, builds strength and toning the body.


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